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.:. Monster .:. by Lady-Oolong
.:. Monster .:.
Art © Lady-Oolong
Character: Mad © Lady-Oolong
Inspirations: Maly Siri (and Barbara Canepa for the colors)


I promise, I will colorize it (and Barbara Canepa will help me more than Maly Siri this time). DONE ! Thanks to Barbara Canepa, because "END tome 1" helped me a lot, as you can see ;) !
But now, I need to sleep, and I feel nauseous @_@ and I'm definitely too hot X____X. I can die.

I really really hope you'll like it ♥ T^T !


But I take a moment to talk about her. I think you know Mad, but have you ever seen her official body-corset ?
The "big" scales can bristle (especially on her back know...all around her BOOBS)
The "little" scales are actually a kind of shagreen ("galuchat" in french).
This little beast is black/charcoal grey. 
And yes she wears panties but she doesn't want to show you this part of her anatomy you know.
Oh but, you can see her "knee-high tights".

39 deviations

Saturday September 30th 1989

      My Own Wishlist :
Gray Dot Bullet - F2U! Mad. Portrait underwater (like a version of Ophélia) with her blind eyes and her hair all around. And flowers (or not ?) and some parts of snakes emerging from the water (contrast snakes-black/flowers-colors/Mad-white) (Digital)
silver bullet Mad (naked) with her scarifications/whiteopale scales on her spine and her long white translucent hair. Silky soft and smooth, but cold and vulnerable too. (Digital)
Bullet; White Adalé ! (Mrs-Waffle Drew her better than me ♥___♥) I have no idea for a pose or something.
Sea Green Bullet - F2U! Éli, dying on the floor, lonely. u_u
Turquoise Bullet - F2U! Selsia, because I love her ♥, and because I want to see her lips and her XD
Yellow-Green Bullet - F2U! Mad drinking a cup of tea, sitting on a chair (vintage style) with her usual outfits. I had to draw that, but that could be great to received a gift like that too.
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Loreleï ! Her face is like a doll, but she's a Lamia, a predator. But she's also full of kindness and wild. And I love her hairstyle ! She's not a mermaid, but that could be great to draw her (as a trus Lamia, so without legs!) like we can draw a mermaid sitting on a rock, looking at...somewhere XD.
Dull Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Hum...Marrah + Art Nouveau, that could be awesome !
Bullet; Blue Wishlist in progress !

      My Gods and Goddesses:
Dark Blue Bullet - F2U! oione : I think I could kill someone just to have my Mad drawn by her. I follow her...everywhere (I mean on instagram, Facebook, tumblr !). Her work is simply amazing, the colors are cold, iridescent. Her art is..."glowing from the Inside". The characters are alive, the technique is awesome. She a kind of modern impressionist, with lights and luminescent colors on her paint brush. Ghost, fairies, creatures...Her world is full of light and luminescent beauty, her brushstroke is soft, talented, delicate, sensible, magical. I really really love this person. I mean. REALLY. This is my favorite drawing:

Dot Bullet (Dark Pink) - F2U! fdasuarez She's also a goddesse. I could sell one of my kidney for a portrait of Mad, Éli and Eris...But I only have two kindeys. Her gallery is full of awesome pieces of art. Her digital drawings look like paintings. She uses lights and shadows as a...I don't have the word. As a pro ? A witch ? A goddesses ? Contrasts, lights, shadows, everything is beautiful, and INTENSE. I mean, did you ever stare at one of the character she did ? It's gorgeous. Expressive, deep, and mysterious. Oione is a kind of impressionist, Fdasuarez is more like a Caravaggio, using lights and shadows like a master. I'm always glad to discover a new piece, even if it's just a sketch, because her sketches are truly awesome too. Just. Waw. I think she could be an amazing thing with Selsia. Now, here is my favorite picture:

silver bullet  Charlie-Bowater was a goddeesse to me even before she did a fanart of Serenity. But now, I think I could do a lot of strange things to see a drawing of my OC made by her. Her art is just...OH god there is no word. The digital portraits she did can be realistic, soft, the color schemes are always wonderful...Just take a look at this one and tell me it's not awesome: And then...She's offering up some commission slots...And I don't have enough money. AND.IT.IS.KILLING.ME. So all the things I can do is...look at this wonderful gallery, and CRY. I discovered her a long time ago, I was looking for some pictures about opal, and I found this I immediately fell in love with her gallery and... I found a fanart of sailor moon Clearly now, I'm ready to do some fire rituals if it's necessary. Oh and now, just to kill me, she drew this:

Bullet; Orange The next one will be escume

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(in the "September" section obviously)

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